Monday, February 19, 2007

Still Alive.... Still Writing

Once again, real life has interfered with my blogging. The holidays were great, and I had a Happy Birthday, but since that my life has gone straight to hell. Let’s just say that 2007 appears to be the year when my wife and I have to repair (and repaint) everything.

My current project is a story for the Ohio River Valley Sisters in Crime's next anthology, which will center on another fine tradition in Kentucky: bourbon. I'm in that annoying stage where I have to pull everything together and hope it won't turn into a wad of crap. (Could I write crap? Surely not, you say, but people only get to see the things I permit them to.)

It's enough to make a writer run screaming into the night... but somehow, I eventually find my way back to the computer to do just a little more.