Friday, December 07, 2007


Sarah at Gun RangeIn October, our chapter of Sisters in Crime made a field trip to a gun range outside of Prospect, Kentucky. We were all trained in gun safety by a former police officer and firearms instructor, then turned loose on the range. I got the shooting part down okay, but I repeatedly loaded the bullets backwards. Yes, fine mechanical ability here. Now my fellow writers know why I usually stick to other methods of murder in my mysteries: defenestration, poisonous blossoms in salads, and strangulation by bullwhip.

Speaking of mysteries, I completed my story for next year's SinC-ORV anthology, which focuses on bourbon. It contains a few of my favorite things: Frank Sinatra, homemade candy, and garden gnomes. My character John Aleron, who previously appeared in 'Spectral Evidence', is the narrator for this story.

The best news, though: I finished my novel! Gwen also finished her novel, so we will be spending the next couple of months editing our works and looking for agents. 2008 promises to be a big year for both of us.

Happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Still Alive.... Still Writing

Once again, real life has interfered with my blogging. The holidays were great, and I had a Happy Birthday, but since that my life has gone straight to hell. Let’s just say that 2007 appears to be the year when my wife and I have to repair (and repaint) everything.

My current project is a story for the Ohio River Valley Sisters in Crime's next anthology, which will center on another fine tradition in Kentucky: bourbon. I'm in that annoying stage where I have to pull everything together and hope it won't turn into a wad of crap. (Could I write crap? Surely not, you say, but people only get to see the things I permit them to.)

It's enough to make a writer run screaming into the night... but somehow, I eventually find my way back to the computer to do just a little more.