Guest Post Offer

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Are you an author? Looking for a place to send a guest post or receive an interview?

I'm looking to reactivate this blog with the help of other writers - I favor mystery and horror authors, but I'm open to other genres and maybe even nonfiction. I draw the line at kiddie porn or anything that I think will get me sued or arrested.

Also: no politics/presidential profiles dated after 1990. I am not putting up with the arguments it generates. If I kick an anthill myself, that's on me. 

Guest posts, cover reveals, and excerpts would be wonderful, and I'm also up for doing interviews.

Things I'm not doing - accepting books for review. It's a matter of limited time on my part; my TBR pile for editing is too tall. Save your resources for other venues. 

If you're interested, drop me a line at

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