Friday, September 09, 2005

Book Sale!

You can now buy Ghostbreakers anthologies at a discounted rate from RageMachine!

To buy Ghostbreakers: New Horrors, click here.

To buy Ghostbreakers:The Vampire-Hunters, click here.

Barnes and Noble is now selling the Rhine Institute anthology, Mystery in Mind.

I also have some used books (including a few rare occult books) for sale at These are part of the overflow from my personal library.

Happy reading!

Sarah Glenn

Friday, September 02, 2005

My Most Popular Article

My most popular article wasn't actually written under my given name. It was written under my Pagan name, Sophia X. Pharou. This was the pen name I used as the editor of Rainbow Wind Magazine, now sadly defunct.

The article? "Why Pagans Need to Come Out of the Broom-Closet".

I published this mini-manifesto in 1995 after seeing Newt Gingrich promise Ralph Reed that he would do everything he could to enact the Christian Coalition's "Contract With the American Family." I put the essay up on the web, and even made it into a flyer for free distribution at Pagan gatherings.

Years later, with the advent of Google, I tried putting that pen name in and got back three pages worth of responses. Most were citations of that essay.

Here's one citation on the Queer Pagan Punk pages.

Another link on the Pagans Knotwork pages.

Here, someone posts it on a bulletin board.

This is a page about adultery laws in Florida.

A page in Brazil has linked to it.

The most pervasive citing is in the Skeptic's Dictionary, but all press is good press, right? It's even multilingual: here is the same page in Greek. Here it is in German. Too bad they didn't translate the article into these languages as well.

The newest publication of the article is here, at the Pagan Institute.

I am really flattered, and proud to have written something that is still going around the net!

Blessed be,

Sarah G
aka Sophia X. Pharou