Friday, December 07, 2007


Sarah at Gun RangeIn October, our chapter of Sisters in Crime made a field trip to a gun range outside of Prospect, Kentucky. We were all trained in gun safety by a former police officer and firearms instructor, then turned loose on the range. I got the shooting part down okay, but I repeatedly loaded the bullets backwards. Yes, fine mechanical ability here. Now my fellow writers know why I usually stick to other methods of murder in my mysteries: defenestration, poisonous blossoms in salads, and strangulation by bullwhip.

Speaking of mysteries, I completed my story for next year's SinC-ORV anthology, which focuses on bourbon. It contains a few of my favorite things: Frank Sinatra, homemade candy, and garden gnomes. My character John Aleron, who previously appeared in 'Spectral Evidence', is the narrator for this story.

The best news, though: I finished my novel! Gwen also finished her novel, so we will be spending the next couple of months editing our works and looking for agents. 2008 promises to be a big year for both of us.

Happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate!