Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Launch Party: TGIO

It was a dark and stormy night...

Things I appreciated from my launch party:
  • The Morris Book Shop, a great independent bookstore that has all sorts of books from local authors. When I got there, the staff had set up a table with black webbing, a skull cup, a Sharpie marker, and, of course, books. It was nice to have professionals arrange the details since I'd been in Florida for the previous two weeks. Gwen's launch party was great, but we couldn't have set it up long distance.

The Morris Book Shop had to put out extra chairs.
  • The assistance I got in preparing for the party, which was almost as detailed as the prep for my photo shoot. My entourage was smaller this time, but multitalented. Christy applied the makeup, but began giving me lessons on how to put it on myself. I am proud that I did not whimper this time.
What is this 'mascara' you speak of?
  • Wardrobe assistance: My sister-in-law, Deanna, bought me a bat necklace and loaned me a dress that put the 'ho' in horror. It looked great, but I had to wear a push-up bra and a girdle to get the best effect. I now know why feminism was invented: the ladies of Seneca Falls wanted to breathe!
  • The friend who ordered my book in advance and brought it in for my signature, already dog-eared. Very flattering.
  • The stranger who showed up and was mistaken for the husband of a long-term friend. To be fair, though, it's been 15 years since I last saw the husband, whom I remember as 'the guy who wore the Spock ears and the shirt with the dragons f---ing'. He took my mistake in good humor, which is not surprising, given his blog.
  • The family and friends who shared the day with me, especially the ones who drove in from Ohio, Louisville, and Eastern Kentucky. 
Time for extra chairs again.
  • The post-launch party at Logan's.
  • And, finally, the sense of relief and satisfaction when it was all over and I was back in my recliner, clad in shorts and a T-shirt, and playing on the computer. Long sigh.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

GCLS: Karaoke Makes All The Difference

Reading an excerpt from my novel. For a vampire story, it sure has a lot of deaths by head shots.

I'm fresh back from the Golden Crown Literary Society convention. Originally, I planned to call this blog "No One Loves Me, But They're Taking My Wife to Lunch".

My book was labeled 'Gay and Lesbian'. It was brand spanking new; I had my first book order from Pill Hill Press mailed directly to my parents in Florida in case they didn't arrive before June (they did). Beth Wylde put my postcards in the participants' goodie bags.

So, who did they fall in love with? My wife! I can't blame them; my wife is charming, intelligent, and writes good mysteries. Hell, it worked on me, and I am a tough sell (just ask her). I meandered around, wondering what I should and shouldn't say to these women (who held my book sales in their hands), while Gwen was surrounded by women and getting invited to lunch. I was jealous in more than one way.

Then came Karaoke Night...

I blame it on the Greek blood. And Snoopy.

The next morning, everyone began talking to me. I'd suddenly obtained street cred as a partier. Can I help it if I love dancing and know the lyrics to all sorts of cheesy songs? Imagine what I'd do if I learned to drink alcohol!

Maybe I needed to loosen up before I was approachable. Something to keep in mind for 2012.

I didn't get onto any of the panels, but I did get to do a reading from All This and Family, Too. Good practice for my book launch tomorrow. The big event I got to appear in was Lara Zielinsky's BlogTalkRadio broadcast live from the convention. If you'd like to hear how I accidentally got published by Pill Hill Press, or snicker at how I sound like a 12-year old, my interview begins at 22:45. As a bonus, I'm followed by my wife, Gwen Mayo.

The full broadcast is below. I urge you to listen to the entire show to learn more about the other authors interviewed. They are real hoots in person.

Listen to internet radio with Readings LAB on Blog Talk Radio


Book Launch is Saturday. Wrists May Not Survive Intact.

My book launch is this Saturday. I'm excited. Thrilled. Ready to cut my wrists. Planning to wear a dress that puts the 'ho' in horror. I did a guest blog at Working Stiffs on the two-author household. Excited. Thrilled. Ready to cut my wrists. Got featured in The Vampire Review. Excited. Thrilled. Ready to cut my wrists.

You've probably clued into the pattern here. Since my book hit the press, I've been running around in circles and squawking, mostly to my wife. I can't think, I can't concentrate, and even the simplest things make me want to sit down and cry. I know Gwen has to forgive me, because she did the same things last year when Circle of Dishonor came out. I didn't strangle her, so she's obligated not to strangle me (right?).

Anyway: The launch party for All This and Family, Too is at The Morris Book Shop this Saturday, June 18th, at 2 PM. The Morris Book Shop is located at 408 Southland Drive in Lexington, Kentucky. There will be light refreshments, wine, and some soft drinks.

Please come to my book launch so I can feel loved. And maybe not cut my wrists, although it would get me on the 6 o'clock news. They say that all press is good press...

Addendum: Since my last post here, a shamefully long time ago, I was also featured on Savvy Authors. My post, 'Pitching Woo-Woo', offers advice to writers on incorporating paranormal elements in their stories. I have two other guest posts coming up in the next couple of weeks. My frazzled brain may be forgetting something, though. Check my publicist's page: she is better at keeping track of me than I am. Yes, I have a vampire publicist. Her rates are very reasonable, as long as my blood holds out.