Friday, November 06, 2009

Monkey Dancing at Bouchercon

The first night at Bouchercon, we went to the Thursday Evening Extravaganza at Gameworks. All the games were free, plus there was music with a live D.J.

Well, I'm half Greek. You may not know this, but Greeks are compulsive dancers. Once Austin Camacho and his squeeze took the floor, I quickly followed. The evidence is below and, mercifully, quite dark. Just look for the moving stripes.


ramona said...

You know, Sarah, there are ways to lighten that video so the dancing can be seen in all its glory.

I don't know the ways, but I know they exist.

Good luck with Nano!

Sarah G said...

My spouse did a great job of lightening the photo (that was during the same dance session), but doesn't have software that will work with the video.

There's a fellow in my office that might be able to lighten it, but I'd REALLY like to see it before anyone else does (especially a coworker!).