Thursday, March 27, 2008


Gwen and I have been presented with a conflicting schedule: the next meeting of our Sisters in Crime chapter, when we will finally get a critique of the story we wrote jointly, will be on April 12th. Unfortunately, the 12th is also the day for the KY Democratic Party Legislative District elections, a very important day for the party. County executive committees will be elected across the state.

It looks like Gwen and I will have to split up for the day: one will travel to Louisville to hear the critique, while the other stays in Lexington to participate in the elections. The one who stays will have to be the one running for the precinct committee this year. We haven't decided which one of us that will be yet. The position is very important, especially in our underrepresented area, but naturally we are both eager to learn what the group thinks of our story! It will be a difficult decision.


Frank said...

Bifurcation isn't bad provided that one of you doesn't get the story critiqued by the pols and the other doesn't get elected President of the Sisters in Crime. These would not look good on the resume1. :)
Schizoid Sire

Sarah G said...

Either would probably get us a book contract. ;-)